Accommodation: Choose from hundreds of select hotels

From arrival to departure, we only work with select trusted properties and suppliers to create a pleasant stay. We are able to respond to bookings and requests instantly. We are specialists and experts in the destination, allowing us to recommend the best hotels to suit your clients.

Transfers: Save Time and Book Our Airport Transfer

Skip all the potential frustrations by booking your airport transfer in advance. We are delivering private transportation for groups and individuals, holidays and business from Bourgas Airport to the main resorts in the region.

Excursions: Plan the perfect trip with us

We offer a variety of excursions such as jeep- safari, boat trip and shopping tour as well as the more traditional cultural and upcountry tours. From luxury experiences to thrilling outdoor adventures, there are endless activities to choose from and enjoy.

Hotel Management: We will uncover the hidden revenue potential of your hotel

With creative strategies and proven best practices we turn around hotel properties. We challenge the status-quo, re-position hotels to outperform their competition and become leaders in their local market. We manage a diverse portfolio of top performing hotel companies, ranging from small boutique hotels, luxury resorts to regional hotel firms.